The Benefits of Using a Smart HotSpot for Hotel Digital Services

When browsing the web for information and learning new skills, what better way than to take advantage of the newest feature on Google's Chrome browser: Smart HotSpot. The feature works with the Google Chrome browser to provide instant access to popular websites around the world. But just what exactly is a "hot spot?" Simply put, a hot spot is where the browser will look for relevant content based on your current location.
What exactly is a "smart hotspot?" The difference between the two really is quite simple. The Smart HotSpot gives a user access to the web via the Chrome browser and the ability to connect either a Chromebook or another supported device via its built-in wi-Fi hotspot, however, it doesn't include any other applications. Instead, it serves up the current web site that's open in the browser based on your current location. That means if you're at work and come home, you can easily turn on your computer, go to your favorite website and find what you need without having to go out into the cold to do so.

The other benefit to the feature is how it makes your Internet usage more accessible. Most of today's modern smartphones, including many Android devices, support Web browsing even when the user is traveling. However, if you travel a lot for work or are at school in another city, the access is often limited. By enabling your smartphone to access a smart hotspot site in your destination city, you instantly gain access. In fact, Smart HotSpot will even give you access to certain information that is critical to you such as your hotel reservations, flight status and even highlights from major news websites like CNN and Yahoo! right, from your smartphone. Consider Smart HotSpot for the best hotspot solutions. 

With the availability of mobile and Internet access through Smart HotSpot, companies have been able to create greater value and profit streams by allowing their customers to access content on the go through either a cell phone or Internet connection. For hotels in particular, allowing their customers faster access to travel information is a huge benefit. With a smarter hotspot and content filtering, this allows the hotel industry to provide faster, better customer service, attract new customers and maintain existing clientele. You'll want to get further info on bus wiifi now. 

What's more, with Smart HotSpot you get the added security of a dedicated hot spot administrator. This person will take care of all the technology so you don't have to. This person is typically someone in the hotel management department and is assigned to manage the Smart HotSpot infrastructure. In most hotels, there is usually at least one employee assigned to the dedicated management of the hotspots, especially those within the business district of the hotel. By using a dedicated person to take care of the technology, you eliminate the need to hire additional staff, which can be costly over time.
Using a smart hotspot to provide digital services to your clients can help to streamline your operations, increase profitability and increase the value of your property. If you haven't already implemented a digital services platform for your hotel, now is the time. Smart HotSpot is the perfect solution for providing internet access wherever it's needed the most and creating additional value for your property. By allowing your guests to access information on the go, from any connection that has Wi-Fi, you'll be able to keep your room's warm and your floors dry! Get further info on wifi hotspots here: